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Production Peek: Dr. Doom Legendary Scale Figure

Friday, November 16, 2012

“The clapping shall go on for another hour. Have the first one who stops clapping brought out and shot.”

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  • Doctor Doom Legendary Scale(TM) Figure
  • Erik

    post pre-orders. take my money now! just curious of the price though.

  • Rom Flamenco

    Still trying to pick up my jaw off the floor!!! Amazing , simply amazing . The detail and care and heart going into this figure shows on every nuance and detail . Once again you guys show why Sideshow is the leader in this industry . Thanks for sharing this and I am definitely getting my hands on doom, my all time favorite baddy !!

  • Giovanni

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I wonder how high

  • Jamoki Dantzler

    Just take my wallet!!!!

  • Brandon

    I your junk doesn’t jiggle just a little after seeing this, there is something wrong with you. Looks amazin!!!!!!!

  • Jamoki Dantzler

    This may be the only ledgendary piece I’ll my in my life time…heck…did I say piece?. I meant MASTERPIECE!!!

  • Ralphie

    Totally Awesome!Sorry I can’t afford the 2K for the LSF.But no problem because I’ll getting the PF.Both looked GREAT at SDCC.

  • KainSwiss

    Just amazing. This is the one piece that will highlight my collection. My money is awaiting pre order.

  • Mark Farias

    Incredible piece of art…Not sure when they’re taking orders or expecting deliveries – but, WOW! Talk about setting a new standard…This baby leads with a vapor trail. Doom Triumphant!

  • DoomScribe

    OMG … STFU and take my Money! This is just awesome. Can’t wait. Only wish they’d do a less scarred face version (ala Jack Kirby). Then it would be perfect.

  • VinReaper

    Holy Smoke!!! That is absolutely, positively DOOM-NIFICENT!!!! I will definitely be in on this one!!!

  • Henry

    This is the only legendary peice I care about! Been waiting for this one…and I WILL have it!

  • Jason Legate

    I find it amazing to watch these clips of works in progress. It’s truly amazing to see how these artist perform their magic.

  • Henry

    I’ve been waiting for this one ever since I saw it at this years Comicon. So….hurry up and take my money!

  • http://sideshow Raymond Barrett

    This would be the pinnacle of my collection. This could easily make me forget my battle with hurricane sandy.

  • andre velasquez

    simply amazing we need more like this to display thanks sideshow and i still waiting for apocalypse !!!

  • http://youtube angel dejesus

    great piece no question’ hey guys how about a 33′ eternity-celestial’s-eternal’s maquette.

  • joey

    Ah ha! Infidel Doom.Nice 1 guys it seems to be all coming together really well keep up the good work.

  • Victor

    Years ago, the execs over at Blizzard, as a show of boundless appreciation, gave their employees an Orc riding wolf statue. As I didn’t work for they organization (unless you consider being a player since Day One in the MMORPG) alas, I never got my hands on that precious item. But now… I don’t care. This Doom work-of-art dwarfs, eclipses, utterly obliterates any other statuary past, present & quite possibly for future years to come. I WILL take possession of this masterpiece… or there will be global suffering on a scale unlike the world has never seen…

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