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Production Peek: Harley Quinn Premium Format Figure

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Check out what we’re working on, Puddin’!

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  • Harley Quinn Premium Format(TM) Figure
  • Xavier Castillo

    There goes the kids college fund!!!

  • Maddmaxx

    Now that’s a production peek. Cant’ wait.

  • Efrain Hernandez

    is there a Wonder Woman coming anytime soon?

  • Dan

    Cant WAIT!!!! when are we getting the Wonder Woman?? lol

  • Mr. B

    This looks interesting, but still looking forward to the Wonder Woman PF.

  • xandregoh_xandre

    Another wicked PF for my collection.

  • Adam Gibbs

    Can’t wait to see the full reveal on Harley I’ll match her up with her friend my Posion Ivy PF. Harley has so many great one liners “You think after living with Mistah J I’d be used to a little pain”.

  • StatueJunky

    I think I can turn this into a Mothers Day gift for me, uhh my wife.

  • WasGambit

    WOW!!! Why do you have to do this to me!!! Looks like Harley is gonna one of the best PFs from Batman! Does anyone have some money to give me… I’m running out because Sideshow keeps taking it….

  • candee Gutierrez

    OMG I better get this for Mother’s Day!!!

  • hunter crenshaw

    Now selling: english bulldog, blood, maybe even wife! HAHA! Harley will always be my number 1 girl!

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