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Production Peek: Hellboy Premium Format Figure

Thursday, July 18, 2013

We’ve been working closely with Mike Mignola on everyone’s favorite blue collar cat-lover.

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  • Hellboy Premium Format(TM) Figure
  • Vyasar

    AAAH i have a 60 dollar hellboy giant figure already but i want this one so baddddddd

  • hellboy93

    it looks good I hope after they make a 1/6th scale collectible mignola Hellboy figure that would be the greatest day of my life, and would be a buy the minute it went out for pre-order.

  • Dennis

    I cannot wait for this. I have been waiting for something new from the horror relm, and Hellboy is my all time favorite comic character, this looks great. Thank you Side Show for this.

  • Smartartist

    Amazing! This is the piece that has ripped me out of collecting retirement.. It’s too perfect, how can I say no?!

  • Adlyone

    Statue is sweeter than Pam cakes!!!

  • Fabian!

    When is it coming out? I need it !! :D

  • Vince

    Can’t wait to see more.

  • furystorm

    The wait is excruciating… Perhaps during Spooktacular?

    • Sideshow_Admin

      Maybe… :) *S

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