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Production Peek: Indiana Jones ‘Pursuit of the Ark’

Friday, October 21, 2011

Atop his borrowed steed, the Indiana Jones Pursuit of the Ark Statue will be a noteworthy display for any Indy fan.

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  • darren douglas

    hmm, that’s odd, I just submitted a question about a horse statue to put the 1/6 Indy on. Where have you been hiding these updates? You really need to start adding scale info to these peeks, if this is a randomly scaled statue I’m out, but if it’s 1/6 and can accommodate the hot toys Indy, I’m very happy. I’ve a feeling I’ll be disappointed given your lack of interest in 1/6 Indy though

  • darren douglas

    aw come on now, some news on this for the love of god!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • robert

    please release more info on indiana jones on horse, has been a while.

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