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Production Peek: Man of Steel Superman Premium Format ™ Figure

Friday, May 31, 2013

“You will give the people an ideal to strive towards.”

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  • Man of Steel: Superman Premium Format(TM) Figure
  • eric

    An unexpected surprise superman movie pf
    Looking forward to see more

  • Ben

    Why? Why must you (Sideshow Collectibles) do this to me? I’m trying to save money…then you make this version of Superman. This MOS looks so beautiful. It’s an instant buy for me. I’ll display him along side your (SC version) PF Superman.

    Does this mean SC might give us The Dark Knight Rises version of Batman?


    Wow the likeness is unbelevable

  • CUT


  • Rishi

    it looks awesome! b\would we be getting movie versions of batman and green lantern to go with it???

  • Jenn D

    This is beautiful. You guys did a great job with the pose, costume design and capturing Henry Cavill’s likeness.

    I look forward to seeing the finished PF, and the movie!

  • Laurence

    This is so amazing! He looks like Henry so far. Can’t wait to see it ready, and of course it gonna be mine too! God bless to all you, guys!

  • john

    Looks Great! Now bring on a Christopher Reeve Superman Premium Format!!

  • Dennis

    I do not collect superhero anymore except Batman but this movie looks so great, and this PF wow. Will buy he would look cool next to a Bale and Keaton PF.

  • DaveH75

    Awsome. Love seeing the production process, and all the hard work that goes into bringing these amazing pecies to life.

  • SKY

    I am “old school”, and prefer the previously announced Superman PF statue which I have pre-ordered. I will be giving this one a miss.

  • chris

    Please Sideshow! Christopher Reeve Superman Premium Format!! Christopher Reeve is the quintessential Superman and deserves to be immortalized as a 1/4 scale figure! I’ll take Two!!

  • andre

    Looks awesome! Hoping the exclusive comes with his shorts!

  • Alex

    Please give us The Dark Knight Rises Batman and Catwoman!!!

  • Colin Lewellyan

    It looks like this figure will be incredible! Between this one and the Hot Toys version, I can’t decide which I’m anticipating the most!!!

  • Dan

    i already pre -ordered the other superman pf .. deff will get this one too!!! possibly the hot toys!

  • kllel78

    This will be mine!!!!! Perfect sculpt, the likeness is spot on!!! I want it now, must have this asap!!

  • christopher r filkins


  • Randall Villalobos

    Great figure, the one i need in my personal collection

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