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Production Peek: Mary Jane Comiquette

Friday, March 29, 2013

Take a peek at our upcoming Mary Jane Comiquette, designed by J. Scott Campbell.

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  • Paul20az

    AWESOME! All four new masks will look good next to my three (Chopper, Celtic, Scar) from the first AvP. I also like to display them in the order that they died in the films so it’s like my own personal trophy collection!

  • TF

    ok, we still need another 3 Preds Masks to complement our collection: ΛVP Elder, Pred 1 & Pred 2..

  • Mike D

    Defiantly P 1 & 2 Mask and a Predator 2 1:1 Bust SOON!!!!!!! Hint Hint SS!!!

  • Ttresnan1

    what happened to the right of his face??

  • mike n

    lets get the ball rollin with these predator masks!!!! NO MORE DELAYS AND PUSH BACKS!!! us hungry fans are starving to own these mask NOW!!!

  • Markv1962

    Somehow Im disappointed with this mask. I thought it would be he best of the new movie but it just doesn’t have the dynamic feel of what I saw in the movie.

  • Marc-Antoine Perraton Brillon

    Just can’t wait!!!!

  • barbaya

    That’s interesting… Can’t wait for it…

  • Joe Arredondo

    I WANT THIS!!!

  • Mohammed

    Great news Sideshow – can’t wait for this one!!! Please can we have Star Wars Comiquettes as well?

  • Dante Ferrer

    Sideshow makes another STANDOUT piece inspired by J Scott Campbell.

  • Philippe

    I’ll definitely get this. The Mary Jane’s comiquettes seems to get better and better.

  • Brett

    Finally get to see Scott’s gorgeous MJ art come to life! Really looking forward to this one!

  • Atbin Ebrahimpour

    Finally I’ve been a fan of J scott campbell comics for years :) I love his style and have been hoping for a figure of MJ based of J scott campbells version :) Thank you just dont be too expensive and come out soon :)

  • Peter

    I love J. Scott Campbell artwork,this will make a nice addition to my collection. I’d love it if sideshow could give us a premium format figure of the Danger Girls and a Campbell design of Ash from Army of Darkness and Evil Dead fame

  • Joe D

    About time! If it turns out anything like the preview pic I’ve seen(a face – sculpt and paint – can make or break a piece), it will be an instant gem. Come on Sideshow, don’t let me down!

  • Kevin

    I’ve only recently discovered J. Scott Campbell artwork and style. I simply have fallen in love with his work. I’ll be eagerly awaiting this fantastic product.

  • Adam Gibbs

    Been buying J. Scott Campbell’s Fairytale Fantasies calendars the last couple years. It’s great Sideshow is working with him this MJ looks incredible. I remember the Adam Hughes inspired MJ a few years back where she is doing Spiderman’s laundry.

  • Enrico

    Beautiful but When we can pre-order HER?!!?!?

  • Joe Lastoria

    Although I am not a big Spider-Man fan I will definitely be picking up this piece add long as it is priced well. Great job on the sculpt! :-)

  • jonnie


  • Wonder Woman lover

    I love J. Scott Campbell’s art! This is a very interesting and unique concept and design. I hope it turns out really good.


    Cant wait. This is a must 4 me

  • jonnie

    Everything is up for order except this….what’s up??

  • Joshua

    WOW!!! As soon as this is available for pre-order my order is placed!

  • David W

    J Scott Campbell’s Work is AMAZING! Can’t wait for Sideshow Collectibles to create/release this so I can Pre-Order it :o)

  • Joe C

    Can not wait. This looks amazing.

  • Kevin Stark

    Have to have her – amazing job

  • Herbie

    Wow! Fantastic design. Any word on when it will be available?

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