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Production Peek: Sauron Premium Format Figure

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Dark Lord has arrived.

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  • Sauron Premium Format(TM) Figure
  • Robb B.

    Looks FANTASTIC! But … this isn’t an LSF anymore? It’s a PF now? That’s good news! But will it be more affordable? That’s the REAL question …

  • abraham Ketto

    O my god! OMG, o ma lord, JEsus, mary josef, peter , paul !!!! OMG. NOO way. !! No, Nooo!!. Yes!

  • http://SS Alex R.

    This is one amazing piece of art. Premium Format… there is not way in this world I pass on this one. This is going to be between $ 400-500, just my guess!!!

  • DJ


    Of course,, we knew this was coming for a long time and I for one am LOVING the base,, skulls of Numenorean soldiers about his massive Sabaton putting the grisle factor up there with the Berserker w/ Rohirrim head. Since this piece is still in pre-production this is the time to give SS our humble requests. I have three:
    1) PLEASSEEEEEE make sure this PF is TRUE 1:4 scale, at the very least.
    2)Make sure he is holding his mace.
    3)This last one might not be feasible, but since this will be THE definitive LOTR PF I would love to see the One Ring have light-up glowing script while his hands clutch the mace, with an light-up/glow effect very similar to the Master Replicas severed Sauron finger piece. I think that would add unmatched epicness to this grail piece! How about it Sideshow?? :twisted: This would be a must buy for me, no matter what the cost.

  • Marco

    I would prefer a PF. I’ve already spent 800 buckes for Dark Rider so in case of LSF I’m not able to afford it.


    This is going to be sick. I bet it will cost $1200. It looks like its going to be over 2 ft tall.


    You guys are killing me. The stuff you create is unreal. Must have. Huge LOR fan.

  • Max

    I am so getting this! THANKS Sideshow!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Batmyte

    I want this!!! It is too cool!! Waiting patiently for Sauron’s release……..maybe not too patiently……..HURRY!

  • Jonathan Andersson

    When can i pre order this amazing statue?? Can’t wait=)=)=)
    Sauron rule the world!!!

  • DJ

    This should be between 35 and 40 inches, if done right.

  • Lou

    That is HUGE! Even though it should be a LSF. The size of this PF is going to be epic. Look at the size of the helmet in the video!!!

  • DJ

    It isnt about the actual size, it’s about SCALE. So no, this should not be a LSF. LSF’s are 1:2 scale, Premium Formats are 1:4 scale. A 1:4 scale Sauron is plenty big enough, and it is also consistent with the rest of the line. A 1:2 Sauron would be ridiculously huge- on the order of 6 feet tall- and would not go with anything. Too big to go with other LSF’s and too small to be a Life-Size figure, it wouldn’t make sense to produce, and would be very cost prohibitive.

  • Hulk


  • Robb

    Another must buy!

    Thanks Sideshow.

  • Kevin

    So it went from LSF to the PF. That is good SS. Since a 28-31″ PF with SS runs $500 to $800, having this as a LSF and asking $2,000 would ensure low sales. I wish the LSF would be more affordable for their size. LSF are amazing but not work $2,000 for only 31 inches

  • Mark

    Judging by the price of the reaper of the Somme, which is ridiculous.. this will likely be in the realm of $1200-$1500 I’d imagine. I’d like to be on the high side of wrong though.

  • kevin

    Any bonus I had next year has just been blow. Another Superb piece SS especially after seeing todays Comic Con photo shot.

  • tokyodeathmatch


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