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Production Peek: Tauntaun Sixth Scale Figure

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And you thought they smelled bad on the outside.

  • Frank mossa

    Oh now you guys are just showing off!…..bring it on! Looks fantastic!!! Wamp next!!

  • barryo

    absolutely stunning. consider it/them bought!!!

  • Tim Peterson

    Yes!!! Been waiting for a Taun Taun and this looks fantastic!

  • Glenn

    So is like the Dewback in that it’s more like a statue than a figure?

  • James

    this looks amazing. Cant wait to see the rest.

  • John White

    Just an idea and comment The eyes look odd for some reason If I were ya’ll I’d sculpt them more open he looks tired or high. Outside of the eyes he looks great. wish he had some movement or joints however.

  • Anthony Coleman

    Is it me or did that head sculpt have two full horns? Is there a Han in the future? Who knows

  • Tom P.

    John – If you remember from “Empire” Luke’s Taun Taun was the one with the broken horn, and was also the one frozen to death in the snowstorm. That’s why the eyes look slightly closed. Notice the extra “snow/ice” on the head sculpt. Hans would be the other Taun Taun head sculpt.

  • Tom P.

    I meant to say…Han’s was the Taun Taun frozen in the storm. Luke’s did have the broken horn. :-)

  • http://AOL Jay Adams

    I see one with tired eyes and a broken horn and one with wider eyes and two full horns. Changeable heads maybe?

  • Joel

    Finally!! Looks awesome. Any kind of discount if you buy two?

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