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Production Peek: Aliens

Friday, October 29, 2010

See what we have in store for the hive mind.

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  • Phil Shiel

    Looking good Sideshow, can’t wait to see the finished version. This will look amazing in my collection.

  • crimson guard

    Cannot wait to add this to my collection Sideshow!!!

  • Mark Holyome

    Will it be out in time to coincide with Aliens” Colonial Marines? That would be fantastic! Looks great though.

  • Ben Adams

    Can’t wait to see what it looks like done!

  • jai

    im yet to acquire a queen for my collection & this is looking like it will be the PERFECT piece.
    good work!

  • Brian

    This will have to be a piece to add to my sons and my collection…

  • Digitalbabe

    Any release date yet?:) I am a huge Alien and Aliens fan, and would love to consider a ‘Queen’ piece.

  • Jazz Mcgill

    reaaaal nice, put me down for one..


    Oh wow the alien queen with her egg sack! I can’t wait to see the finished product! Aside from Death’s general this will be another wonderful piece I hope to add to my collection. Definitely one of my most favorite franchises (right next to predator)! Keep up the good work slideshow!

  • xenomorph

    Are we ever going to see an update on this? It’s been 4 years now…

    I’m dying to see this show up. It’s going to be my dream come true piece.

  • Ray Roslewicz

    Are there any finished photos ? I was going to buy the Han in Carbonite but will now wait. I can’t buy both due to space (no pun intended) limitations. Hey wait…my wife’s new car don’t need to be garaged.

  • astro666

    Hey Sideshow, any updates on this Alien Hive piece, come on, we gotta see more.

  • dillon

    and 2 years later still nothing.

  • Violator 66

    Ok sideshow, Me and Carlos aka darthjuan007 are still waiting to spend over a 1000 bucks for this thing. SO BRING IT…..

  • Saverio Cianciotta

    Notify me please when available and the price. Thanks

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