Featured Collector: Al Charron

Al Charron

Location:                            New Port Richey, Florida

Started Collecting:      2013



I am, and have always been a HUGE Batman fan and movie buff.

I’ve always wanted a movie prop collection but could never afford them as they were too expensive. When I found out collectible figures could be done just as well as props I became addicted! I started collecting about a year ago, after my wonderful girlfriend got me my first statue.


Collector Photo
Collector Photo
Collector Photo


My favorite piece now is the Hot Toys Joker DX11 2.0 Sixth Scale Figure, with the Battle-Damaged Terminator a close second.
I am looking forward to the Hot Toys Batman Armory Collection next, including Alfred and Bruce. I missed out on the DX12 Batman and am excited to get the Batman figure to complete my interrogation scene!
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