Featured Collector Alfie B.

Featured Collector Alfie B.Alfie B.

Location:                           Pacoima, CA

Started Collecting:      8 to 9 years ago

One day I was browsing the internet looking for something to buy my wife, something that would capture her imagination…

I found the Predator Maquette by Sideshow, and we loved it! The statue is a masterpiece. I could not believe my eyes especially when it came to detail. From that moment on I could not stop collecting for the love it, and it is something I can leave to my daughter some day.



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Likes to Collect
I collect mostly Marvel, DC, and customs, as well as movie pieces from Predator, Star Wars, Avatar, and many more. I would say the theme of my collection is "mind blowing."
My favorite and prized pieces? Well, I have so many! All of my Iron Man and Hulk pieces, which are signed by Stan Lee. I am forever grateful to Mr. Lee for doing all of this for me as well.
My wish list oh boy I feel like a little kid! I have to say at the top of the list is the Dr Doom Legendary Scale Figure.
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