Featured Collector: Christopher B.

Featured Collector Christopher B

Christopher B.

Location: San Diego, CA

Started Collecting: 10 years ago, after finding a Colossus statue in a local comic store.

I’ve always been involved with building and hand painting model kits, and love to see my all time favorite characters come to life in statue form, crafted to the highest perfection.

I owe much thanks to my father for nurturing my love of art and collecting. I take an immense amount of time to the design and layout of the overall presentation of the collection, using a lot of glass to give the statues a proper platform to be displayed and the right lighting to showcase all the detailed features. I also make sure to collect statues that have desirable exclusive features which will enhance the display.


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Likes to Collect
I collect Marvel and DC, movie monsters and pop culture characters, all in different scales and formats. I have many smaller statues and busts but my collection consists of mostly large scale items such as Premium Format Figures, Maquettes and life-size busts. I also tend to be a sucker for The Creature From the Black Lagoon and have become an extreme Skeletor fanatic.
I must say I love all of my collection but the holy grail of my collectible journey is the Sideshow Lord of Darkness Life-Size Bust. It is a piece that is very precious to me and was difficult to acquire. In addition to that my Predator Life-Size Bust is another heavy hitter, designed with the highest amount of detail. As far as my favorite pieces, I'm a die hard fan of the Original Sideshow series..."The Dead" Patient Zero to be specific. I'm also a huge fan of any Adam Hughes inspired statues; Sideshow translates his artwork perfectly.
I have been in search of the first Sideshow Captain America Premium Format Figure, but my timing has never been right, and the Sideshow Pumpkinhead Premium Format is another old favorite that shall be mine, someday!
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