Featured Collector: Nate D.

Nate D.

Location:      Orange County, CA




I really wanted to create a museum-like showroom with my collection. Great art deserves to be displayed proudly.


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Likes to Collect
I’ve always been a Star Wars fan and was talking with my girlfriend one night about how cool it would be to have a high quality lightsaber (not a toy). I got hooked on collecting prop replicas, then I joined a few collectors forums where I discovered Sideshow. When I realized how many great statues had been made the hunt on the secondary market began. I think half the fun was tracking down all the older statues.
I love every piece for different reasons, and since most of my statues were sold out when I started collecting each one has a story about how I got it that makes it special. But my favorite sculpts are from the Star Wars Mythos line…they are most impressive.
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