Sideshow Featured Collector Robert Davis

Robert Davis

Robert D.

Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Started Collecting: 2009

Collecting became a hobby for me during a time when I was deeply involved in a tough graduate degree program. Buying and displaying figures became a means of relief from the stress of school.

Featured Collector Robert Davis

I have a beautiful and wonderful wife who also appreciates the art of movie collectibles. So when you enter our house you are immediately greeted with these bits of movie memorabilia, as opposed to hiding it all away in a “man cave.”


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Likes to Collect
My major focus for collecting involves the Terminator, Aliens, and Predator films. I also like Robocop collectibles and bits and pieces from various classic horror films. While I especially enjoy life-size collectibles, I'm starting to have a greater appreciation for the poseable sixth scale figures. The Terminator has been one of my favorite films since childhood, and I always wanted to see a rubber-skinned T-600 that was only mentioned in passing in that film. When Salvation came out in 2009 and the design of a T-600 finally materialized, I knew I wanted to own it for nostalgic reasons. The Hot Toys sculpts and clothing were getting more and more realistic around that time, so the the T-600 Sixth Scale figure became a must-own.
Hands down, my favorite piece is the Sideshow T-800 Version 2.0 Life-Size Figure. It's the one collectible that draws the most attention from guests. Visitors, even if they aren't necessarily "movie people," are always wanting to get photographed next to it.
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