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  • Martin Lafrance

    cool contest

  • Bethany Spielman

    What’s a “Maquette”?

  • stephanie torres

    Just saw this movie Super Awesome Gosilla!

  • OB1Knobby

    Even my wife is getting excited about the new Godzilla! I think she’ll be on board with having this take up some shelf space, lol.

  • Chazmanite1138

    I saw it today and LOVED it! I can hardly wait for the next Godzilla film.


    Exceptionally excited about this contest. Best of luck to everyone!! I can’t wait to see some really excellent figures and models of Godzilla & the MUTOs.

  • Erick

    OMG this will be amazing. Man I hope I win this.

  • Wpa Pioneer

    Thank you for you all..