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  • MaStEr_MoLd

    I actually hope I win this. Mama Mía, thatza spicy meatball.

  • Danny Hidalgo

    Yes, life size Han in Carbonite!
    Please, please, please??!!??
    Thank you!
    So Awesome.

  • thong

    That is huge

  • Logan Henderson

    This is a prize that all Star Wars fans will want and who could blame them if you win first prize you get Han Solo in carbonite life size and if your a runner up get a bunch cool stuff from think geek either way your a winner but I have to say that the life size Han Solo will be a amazing addition to anyone’s collection be it Star Wars or not . Well done SS you done it again.

  • ChairmanROFLMAO

    I thought for sure this is what fell on Harrison Ford’s foot…

  • heybert17

    This would be awesome in my living room.

  • Donny

    Another brilliant collectible, thanks Sideshow.

  • Galaxycruiser

    Sigh, not open to Aus again. I think I understand why, but still dissapointing.

  • megazords uncle

    Oh my god! The best free competition ever! Couldnt think of a more practical item to have in my house!
    I have clearly been getting my stuff from Alderon places.

  • cagdas

    i want that that is the best thing ever

  • Tex Standridge

    There is no contest I would rather win. :-)

  • christian polzin

    Girlfriend will not be pleased when living room becomes Jabbas palace….still, better a han solo on the wall than a rancor pit in front of the couch

  • Al Jenkins

    Better than no Hands Solo

  • Denise Dubus-Tellier

    Then I will only need the Peter Griffin as Han Solo in carbonite!!!

  • eugene oleo

    Been a fan since day one!

  • BenderIsGreat

    How much would it be to get a coffin for myself made like this? I want my funeral to be Don Geiss style.

  • Cassandra Strawn

    Ahhhh! Pick me! Pick me! Seriously, though, if you do I would be the luckiest geek girl in the world.

  • Tim

    This is magnificent… The size makes it majestic… I just adore it…speechless…

  • Frederick L

    He would look good in my living room. “I like Solo where he is.” Jabba would say. Next to my LED flatscreen.

  • jan lim

    T-t-this is made of real Carbonite, right?? :)

  • rezyn8

    Fingers crossed for an international winner (ie ME!)

  • Aaron Joshua

    I don’t want this. I NEED this!



  • GregKoenig

    Holy crap please

  • Chris Sansom Sr.

    Who’s Scruffy lookin’?

  • R Nay Doo

    If I win this I’m going to mount it to my truck and drive my brothers house everyday asking him if he wants to hold my Han!

  • Jāšöñ Śtōrmtrøøpér Błōwêrš

    Good luck everyone, and MTFBWY always. Cheers from Canada.

  • samwolf78

    Hell yes. How could you have one and not the other.

  • carltodasco