Suggestions for Creating a Password

Suggestions for Choosing a Password
  • Choose something that you can remember. There are some methods listed below for creating passwords you can remember.
  • Your password should be at least 6 to 8 characters long.
  • You should use a mixture of UPPER and lower case letters
  • You should include at least one number or special character. (Ex: ! % ?)
  • Do not use your name, phone number, birthday, or other easily obtained personal information
  • Do not use your significant other’s name or nickname, a pet’s name, or your children’s names
  • Do not use any word that can be found in a dictionary
Suggested Methods for Creating a Password
  • Think of a phrase or sentence, take the first letter of each word, and insert punctuation and/or a digit. For example “Sideshow Toy Makes really great 12 inch figures” would be “stmrG12If
  • Choose a word and break it up with digits and punctuation and add capitals. For example “Military” becomes m1l1tAry

These tips and suggestions are for your protection. You do not need to follow them. A good password is impossible to break, easy to remember, and long enough so that trying random combinations of letters will not uncover it.

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