Update Shipping Address in an Account or an Order

You can update your shipping address in your online account at any time. Please review the shipping policy and restrictions here before modifying your shipping address. You can update your shipping address information on all your pre-orders up to 5 days before the order ships from our warehouse.

Sign into your online account here and then select the ‘Update Shipping Address’ button in your ‘My Profile’ area. Update your shipping address and then select the ‘Update Account’ button to proceed to the next screen. This screen will show any standing pre-orders that can be updated with your new shipping address. (If you do not have any pre-orders, then the next screen will just confirm that you have updated your information.)

Customers can alter information on their pre-orders up to 5 days prior to the item leaving our warehouse.

If the pre-order or in-stock item order that you wish to update displays a message ‘Item shipping soon. Order can not be updated. Please contact’, then your order is currently processing and you will need to contact us as soon as possible by phone at 1-855-SIDESHOW from within the USA and (805) 214-2157 interational. We cannot guarantee that updates can be made in time if you contact us by e-mail, when your order is for an in-stock item or is processing soon.

Please note: For Fraud Protection purposes, we can only ship to your Billing address. If you need to use a 2nd party credit card or a second party billing / shipping address, we suggest that you have the second party create their own online user account and order the product for you.

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