Twitter Contest Rules

How to enter:

Sideshow will post the contest theme, title, prize name, deadline, as well as the rules and/or a link to these rules. In most cases, you can compete directly through a Tweet online.

In a contest where you are required to email us your entry, you will send an email with the subject line containing the contest name and the body of the email containing your name, daytime phone number, shipping address, contest answer, and your Twitter handle to the email address specified in the contest details:

Sideshow main:


You must include all the requested information to the correct address or you may be disqualified. Keep in mind to follow the rules and enter by the deadline to qualify.

Oh yea and NO SNIVELING. It’s unattractive!

Winner qualifications:
-Must be 18 years or older to enter.
-Must be a U.S. resident, unless International participation is accepted in contest details.
-Must not have won a Sideshow contest within the past 30 days.
-Must be a follower of @collectsideshow or @sideshowchicky Twitter account.
-One entry per person, unless specified in contest details.

Winner Selection:
-Winner(s) selected randomly from all qualifying entries.
-Winner(s) is selected at our discretion.
-Sideshow’s decision is final, therefore no sniveling about our selection.

Claiming a prize:
The winner’s name/handle will be posted to Twitter in relation to the contest. The winner will need to email the following information to the appropriate address, specified in the contest details: name, daytime phone number, shipping address, Twitter handle, and prize awarded. Please use the CONTEST NAME in the subject line. You will be emailed a confirmation of receipt of your email. Prize fulfillment will take between 4-6 weeks.

Sideshow Main contests:
Chicky contests:

Prize forfeiture:
You have 24 hours from the time of the Winner Notification post to claim your prize. If you exceed that time frame or do not submit all the information as we have requested it, then you will forfeit your prize.

Shipping Costs:
In general, Sideshow will ship prizes to U.S. destinations for free, unless otherwise specified. If the contest allows for international participation, the non-U.S. winner will be responsible for shipping costs to their destination in addition to any import fees, VAT or customs charges collected by your government. (Hey, it’s your government charging you not us! Vote differently next time!)

Usage of content:
You agree that by submitting an entry into our online contest, that the content of your entry becomes the property of Sideshow Collectibles. Sideshow may use your images and text to share publicly for marketing purposes without your written permission, a photo credit or further compensation, monetary or otherwise.

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