30 day return/exchange policy (Product Guarantee)

If you purchased your item directly from Sideshow Collectibles:

Customers who purchased directly from Sideshow Collectibles should note that all returns/exchange inquiries must be received by Sideshow within 30 days of the original delivery date. A Sideshow representative will be in contact with you within 1-2 business days after receiving your inquiry. In the event that you do not hear from us we strongly recommend that you confirm that we received your inquiry.

When processing a return/exchange the following guidelines need to be followed.

  • The product must be returned in its original box/packaging in the same condition as it was sent to you.
  • It should include all figures, accessories, bases, original packaging, and outer shipment box, including all shipping cartons, if this is how it was sent to you.
  • Returned items that arrive with excessive damage due to improper packing may be subject to damage product fee of up to 25% of the product price.

Due to the limited edition nature of our product, we cannot guarantee that the item(s) can be replaced at the time of return or that damaged specific edition numbers can be replaced with the same number. In this case, we would offer a full refund of the purchase price. Any rewards points used will be refunded upon request.

Sideshow Collectibles will not replace / exchange brown shipping cartons. Additionally, we cannot open an exchange solely on the style of shipping carton you received. These shipping cartons are made to shield the collectible from damage during the shipping process and are not considered a part of the item’s packaging.  Also, our warehouse and manufacturing facilities will use different shipping box styles based on destination, product type, ordering lots, and availability. Therefore, you are not guaranteed to receive the same type of shipping carton on all orders.

Sideshow Collectibles receives a limited number of replacement graphic boxes to use in cases of severe irreparable damages caused during the shipping process. With any item being shipped to our customers there is an acceptable amount of wear and tear that may occur during the shipping process that will not warrant a replacement box, full exchange or refund.

We will pay for return shipping only when the return / exchange as a result of our error such as a defect, collectible damages, or an error in filling your order. If the purchase is being returned for any other reason than those previously stated, the buyer will be responsible for all shipping charges, including those to return the item(s) to us. The refund will be for the purchase price minus any applicable shipping charges.

If you need to begin the return/exchange process, please click here for instructions!

We have a Wholesale Department, which provides service to direct dealers, as these vendors are responsible to assist their direct customers with returns/replacements.

If you purchased our product from a retailer and would like to return/replace the product

click here.

If you purchased our product from an Ebay auction and would like to return/replace the product please

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