Cancelling an Order

Cancel a Pre-Order item or entire Pre-Order:

Now you have the option to cancel a pre-order item or the entire pre-order through your online user account!

To do this you will need to sign into your account here.

  1. Select the ‘Cancel Items / orders’ option in your ‘Update Your Information’ area. The next screen will show any standing pre-orders that can have their information altered by you online. It will display your orders line by line so that you can cancel or alter the quantities as you wish.
  2. To reduce the number of an item you may have on order, simply select one of the check boxes for that item # and hit the ‘Cancel check items’ button.
  3. To cancel an entire order, just select all the items from that order before clicking on the button labeled ‘Cancel All Checked Items.’
  4. To quickly cancel everything that you have on order with us, select the box next to ‘Cancel all Items.’

Customers can alter information on their pre-orders up to 5 days prior to the item leaving our warehouse. After this time, your items will be displayed without their selection box and with a direction of ‘Call to cancel.’ This means that your order may currently be processing and you will need to use our Customer Service Request Form to contact us as soon as possible. You can also reach us by phone at 1-855-SIDESHOW from within the USA and (805) 214-2157 internationally. When your order moves into the Credit Card processing and Shipping process it cannot be canceled. 

Once a sold out, pre-ordered item or order is canceled, it cannot be reinstated.


How do I cancel an in-stock item or order?

If you need to cancel an order which has an in-stock item or the entire order that has in-stock items, you must call us immediately at 1-855-SIDESHOW / (805) 214-2157 international.

Do not e-mail us as your order may ship before we even are able to process it through our Customer Service Department!

Customer Service Hours

Monday-Friday | 8:30am - 5:30pm PST

Our Representatives are standing by!

Call Customer Service

Int: 1-805-214-2157