Update Shipping Address in Account or on an Order

If you are looking to update your order(s) with new shipping information, please be aware that we will only ship to the billing address as shown on your credit card. The only exception would be shipping to your work address in care of your name.

If you would like to create a shipping address entry using your work or billing address then sign into your online account here and then select the ‘Update Shipping Address’ option in your Your Account Information area. Follow the posted directions to update your addresses and then proceed to the next screen. This screen will show any standing pre-orders that can have their shipping information altered. (If you do not have standing pre-orders then the next screen will just confirm that you have updated your information.)

Customers can alter shipping information on their pre-orders up to 5 days prior to the item leaving our warehouse.

If the pre-order or in-stock item order that you wish to alter does not appear in the list, then it may currently be processing and you will need to call Customer Service immediately at (800) 474-3746 from within the USA and (805) 214-2100 ext. 2 from outside of the USA.

Please note: For Fraud Protection purposes, our Credit Card Policy requires all shipments to be sent only to the account holder’s billing or business address.