Redeeming / Using Sideshow Rewards

How many rewards do you have?
New Rewards Area

Your Sideshow Rewards Area in your online account displays your ‘Available Rewards,’ those ready to redeem, and your ‘Pending Rewards,’ those that will not be available until 40 days after you have received shipment of your items. (See example to the right) The rewards information will appear in the red title bar .

You can view detailed information about your pending rewards through the area entitled’ Your Orders with Pending Points’. If there are no orders listed then you either do not have any current orders or they do not qualify for rewards. Further information about how orders qualify can be reviewed here.

On the Order Summary page you will find the Apply Discounts or Rewards Area just below your Order information. (See example A shown below). Select the ‘Rewards’ tab to reveal the Rewards redemption area. If you do not see the Rewards tab or if once clicked the Rewards area is empty, then you do not have any active rewards to redeem (see example B below).

apply discount area

2) How can I apply rewards?

a. The amount of rewards and their translation to a total value will be displayed in red.

b. Select the amount of rewards to use! You have the option of applying any amount up to the maximum product price on your order and should enter the desired amount in the area provided. (Rewards can not be used towards shipping or taxes.)

c. Then you will need to check the ‘APPLY MY POINTS’ check box for the rewards to be applied to the order. Double check all of your information, then select the “Place Your Order’ button. The page does NOT refresh to show your discount in the order summary area once you assign points or select the ‘APPLY MY POINTS’ box, but the discount should show on your order confirmation e-mail.

new rewards check out

By selecting this box you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the Rewards Program. We strongly suggest you read them before redeeming rewards.

If you do not check the ‘APPLY MY POINTS’ box prior to submitting the order then the rewards will not be applied and CAN NOT be applied afterwards. This is an automated process and therefore if the rewards do not get applied, then you did not select the ‘APPLY MY POINTS’ check box appropriately.