Sideshow Collectibles Social Media Guidelines

We understand that social media is an outlet to express ourselves freely in real time with guttural opinions. However, we ask that you (as someone who “likes” us) understand that Sideshow Collectibles is also a business.

You can talk to us! We like to hear what you think. The ECom Team is super social, duh! But, please. Keep the conversations friendly.

We do not tolerate the following behaviors on this page:

  • Rude, crude, and/or excessively negative comments.
  • Use of profanity.
  • Use of any offensive form of communication, including (but not limited to), Gender, race, sexual preference, or religion
  • POSTS IN ALL CAPS (They are annoying guys, come on).
  • Comments regarding the grammatical errors of someone else.
  • Overly long-winded responses to anything. If you can’t say the comment in less than 100 words, then it’s a private message. Keep it off the wall, please.

Any and all wall posts of comments that violate these rules will be deleted from our page immediately.

We love to see pictures! Send them to us, especially if you’re in them.

However, as far as videos go, unless you got us to pre-approve it, we’ll probably take it down. We have a set of Terms and Conditions that need to be met. Oh, and don’t link us to pornography or other obscene videos. That’s just not cool.

The ECom Team puts themselves out there. You know what we are fans of and you know what we look like. Please no personal attacks against us. We’re fans of the same things you are and we’re trying to help.

That goes for everyone on here! Be kind to each other. We all have different opinions that we’re allowed to have. But keep it clean, or we’ll delete the fight.

We have business relationships with our licensors and sometimes we are unable to talk about the following things:

  • Whether or not a product is in production.
  • When a product is going up for pre-order.
  • The exact ship date of a product.

If a question like that is asked here, it’s possible that you will not get an answer, because the ECom Team either can’t talk about it, or simply doesn’t know.

Speaking of products, please do not link to or post pictures of, third party products that we are not associated with Sideshow Collectibles.

Lastly, this is a public page. Don’t post private information on it. This includes order numbers! People can mess with your order with that information, and we don’t want that, do we? Instead, e-mail the awesome folks at customer service here: or Snap Chat with them directly (it’s at the top of our Facebook page).

If you abide by these rules, we can all continue to be friends and like each other. Personally, I think that’s the best way to be anyway. Thanks for being a fan of Sideshow Collectibles!

- Your Sideshow Collectibles ECom Team