Time Zone information / conversion

Sideshow Collectibles offers customer service support as well as sales events during our business hours Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm (PT). Since we also offer items to international locations, figuring out when to call us or to visit our site to place time sensitive orders may be difficult. We suggest to follow the link below to a Time Zone conversion chart, which will tell you what time it is in our Time Zone and yours! (We also display Pacific Time in the top bar of our site!)

Please note that this conversion chart also displays GMT time, which is helpful because all of our gift card codes and e-coupons expire GMT time, regardless of the location of the customer/card holder.

Find out what time it is at my house and Sideshow Collectibles!

This conversion chart is hosted by a separate and independent site from Sideshow and therefore we are not responsible for its function!