Refunds-Amount and Posting

Refunds back in U.S. dollars.
If Sideshow is required to make a refund to a customer, we will credit the original purchase price in US dollars (plus shipping where appropriate) to the customer’s account. Sideshow Collectibles will not refund any differences in exchanges rates, from purchase to the time of refund, nor we will be responsible to reimburse any conversion fees assessed to the customer by their banking institution. Click here for more information.

Sideshow Rewards, gift cards or discounts.
If the customer refunded purchase earned them any Sideshow Rewards, then the appropriate amount of rewards will be deducted from their online account within 30 days of the refund. If any gift cards or e-coupons were used with the refunded purchase, then these discounts will be voided and will not be able to be reused.

Posting time of credit.
Sideshow will generate a refund back to the customer’s banking institution within 7-10 business days after receiving the merchandise into our warehouse, during our normal operating hours Monday through Friday.

Credit card companies may take an additional 7 to 21 days to reflect the credit in a customer’s account. If Sideshow has confirmed a refund to your credit card account but the amount has not registered in the account itself, we suggest that you contact your credit card company for more information.

VAT, Customs fees, Duty and Advancement fee reimbursements.
International customers will only receive a refund of the actual product price and shipping cost (when appropriate) charged to them. They will need to complete and submit the appropriate reimbursement paperwork to their customs office for reimbursement of VAT, Duty and Customs fees. The Fed Ex Advancement fee is non-refundable.