What to know before purchasing our product from an auction.

It is important to us that you are not only happy with your purchase, but that your purchasing experience is informed and fair. Thus, we would like to ask our collectors to be cautious when purchasing our products through Ebay auctions. While the majority of Ebay vendors are legitimate and honest, we have received many complaints from customers who have issues resulting from their auction transactions due to the vendor’s misrepresentation of product availability, edition sizes, delivery expectations, and false implications of associations and / or partnerships with Sideshow Collectibles.

Do you have authorized Ebay Sellers?
Sideshow Collectibles DOES NOT have any authorized Ebay vendors, nor are we in partnership with any Ebay sellers. We do not fulfill any items purchased through Ebay by other sellers and therefore do not replace merchandise, track shipments or handle complaints in reference to your independent Ebay purchases. These and any other issues must be handled directly with the seller/vendor who sold you the product.

Buyers should confirm the Auction Information!
When purchasing a limited edition product from an Ebay vendor, we urge you to confirm the following:
1) They have opened the product and checked for damages prior to shipping it. If they are selling it as ‘Factory Sealed,’ then you ARE TAKING A BIG RISK and should confirm what the seller’s return policy is for damaged items. Sideshow will not replace damaged product to 3rd parties (even if factory sealed) and will only deal with the original purchaser as per our 30 day Returns policy.
2) You have confirmed any editions sizes for this item through pictures of the base or box.
3) You have confirmed the accuracy of the seller’s listing information with product details and edition size information available on our site.
4) You get shipping insurance on your item.

Information about Ebay Pre-order Auctions.
We have been advised that Ebay vendors are selling Sideshow products that are listed as ‘Pre-order’. This is product that is still in production and has not arrived yet into the Sideshow warehouse. In many cases Ebay vendors are selling ‘Pre-order’ Sideshow products that will not arrive for months. Ebay published policy on Pre-Sale Listings does not permit vendors to collect a payment or a partial payment for an item that a vendor cannot deliver within 30 days. Ebay vendors cannot ‘guarantee’ that they will have this product at a specified time, if at all.

Please note that Sideshow
1) Can not answer when an Ebay vendor may or may not get their shipments, so that you can figure out when your shipment will be received. Our business is with our direct customer and we are not allowed to discuss details of our customer accounts with anyone but the account holder.
2) Will not contact our customer / your Ebay vendor on your behalf.
3) Will not ship any independent Ebay merchandise for your vendor to you.
4) Will not transact any returns or damage exchanges with an auction winner or anyone other then the original purchaser of the merchandise from Sideshow Collectibles.

We recommend pre-ordering from Sideshow or a Sideshow vendor.
We recommend ordering from Sideshow Collectibles directly or from one of our established vendors, rather then private seller auctions.

Sideshow offers the ‘Pre-order’ option to its customers so that they can reserve their items ahead of time directly from the manufacturer to avoid having to go to the secondary market. If you pre-order with us, we do not charge you UNTIL THE ITEM SHIPS at which time you will be notified via e-mail with shipping information. We also provide a newsletter service, that will keep you informed about our products, and we have a Customer Service Department available to assist you with any questions that you may have about your order.

Vendors that carry Sideshow Product generally have returns and exchange policies in place as well as Customer Service available to assist their clients. Some vendors may also offer pre-order services and shipping specials, but you will need to ask them about these services directly. To locate a vendor in your area, please contact our Customer Service department via e-mail: CustomerService@SideshowCollectibles.com