Wait List Reservation E-mails

When you reserve an item through our Wait List system, you will receive a confirmation screen and an immediate e-mail with a reservation number beginning with the letter W. This indicates that you are in a wait line for the item and do not have a confirmed order, which would begin with the letters P or T.

If product does become available to fill your reservation, you will be sent an e-mail to that effect to the e-mail address appearing in your online account. You may cancel your reservation for the item at any time before your order is filled, which will usually take approximately 2 days (GMT) after we send you this e-mail. When the order is filled, you will then be sent an e-mail confirmation with a new order number beginning with the letter T. Your Wait List Reservation will disappear from your online user account and be replaced with your new T order number.

We are not responsible for any limited access that you may have to your own e-mail account, which would make you unaware of the imminent fulfillment of your wait list item. We encourage everyone to review their reservations frequently and to cancel any items that they no longer wish to purchase at that time. This will avoid any unwanted credit card charges for, as well as mis-shipments of, these incredibly limited items. We also suggest for you to add the following SEND ONLY address, orderdesk@sideshowcollectibles.com, to your SPAM filters / accepted sender lists, which is from where the wait list e-mails originate.

More information about our Wait List Reservation Program can be obtained here.