Wait List Reservation Program Terms and Conditions

Wait List Reservation Program
Terms and Conditions of Participation

As a condition to participation in the Sideshow Collectibles Wait List Reservation Program, all participants must understand and accept that a reservation on a wait list is not a guaranteed order and that the reservation can only be fulfilled if and when sold-out items come back into Sideshow’s inventory due to participant order cancellations, credit card rejections, warehouse inventory adjustments and other reasons. Wait lists may remain active for any length of time and may be closed by Sideshow at any time with or without advance notification to participants. By establishing a wait list for a particular product, Sideshow makes no representation whatsoever that the product may become available, that a participant on the wait list will receive the product or that wait-list orders will be filled in any manner other than at Sideshow’s discretion.

Fulfillment of a participant’s wait-list reservation is not dependent on receipt by the participant of prior notification from Sideshow. Active wait-list orders will be fulfilled automatically unless a cancellation request is received by Sideshow prior to processing. As a courtesy, Sideshow alerts participants to the potential fulfillment of their reservations through our automated e-mail system, which will send an e-mail alert to a participant’s e-mail address as shown in Sideshow’s records approximately 48 hours (GMT) prior to the reservation’s automatically being converted to an order, processed and shipped. Sideshow is not responsible for e-mail notifications that are not received by participants for any reason including, but not limited to, outdated e-mail addresses, SPAM filtering, e-mail host service blocks or participants’ inability to access e-mails.

Sideshow strongly suggests that all participants review their reservations frequently and cancel reservations for items that they no longer want to receive. This precaution will allow participants to avoid the possibility of unanticipated credit card charges as well as costs incurred by them for unwanted shipments.

By submitting reservations for Sideshow’s wait lists, participants agree that Sideshow, with or without notice, may fulfill the reservation and charge their credit card on file for the requested product whenever it becomes available as long as the reservation remains active. Reservations remain active and available for fulfillment by Sideshow until actually cancelled by the participant or Sideshow and are shown as such in the participant’s online account, regardless of whether Sideshow may have notified the participant of an impending cancellation for a reservation. In addition, Sideshow will not be held responsible for any overdraft or over-limit fees assessed to a participant by any card service or banking institution as a result of Sideshow’s fulfilling the participant’s active reservation.

If Sideshow ships an item to a participant prior to the cancellation of a wait-list reservation, the participant may return the item to Sideshow, but will be responsible for all shipping fees for sending the item to the participant as well as any cost incurred in returning the item to Sideshow’s warehouse.

Because Sideshow’s products are limited editions and because, by definition, wait-listed items are available only in very limited quantities, Sideshow may not be able to replace an item that arrives damaged. If this occurs Sideshow will require the return of the damaged item and fully refund all of the participant’s charges in accordance with Sideshow’s returns policy.

The Wait List Reservation Program depends on manual tracking of extremely low item quantities within its vast inventory. As such, a notice of impending fulfillment of a reservation may be recalled by Sideshow due to inventory discrepancies or for other reasons. If this happens, Sideshow’s consumer service staff will notify the participant via e-mail within a few days after the original notice. Sideshow will not held responsible for guaranteeing participants any product at any time, even if a wait-list reservation may have been converted to an order. Sideshow will not compensate participants in any manner, i.e., products, rewards, credits or monetary payments for any error that occurs within the Wait List Reservation Program.

By joining in the Sideshow Wait List Reservation Program, all participants agree to receive advertising, marketing materials and other communications from Sideshow.

Sideshow may at any time change the rules, benefits, conditions of participation of the Wait List Reservation Program or terminate, suspend or modify the Wait List Reservation Program without obligation to its participants. Sideshow reserves the right to interpret and apply the policies and procedures communicated in these terms and conditions. All determinations by Sideshow shall be final and conclusive in each case. These terms and conditions supersede all previously published terms and conditions.

Information provided by participants in the Wait List Reservation Program will be treated according to the Sideshow Collectibles Privacy Policy. Participants interested in learning more about Sideshow Collectibles’ privacy practices should visit SideshowCollectibles.com and click on the Privacy Policy link.

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