My Rewards total is incorrect. How do I fix them?

Our Sideshow Rewards System is fully automated through our online store and within your account. This is the reason that rewards can not be added after your order is submitted or redeemed on phone orders. If you feel that your active Rewards total is incorrect, we would ask for your to review your online account’s order history section and make sure that your orders qualify for our program.

Please make sure that:
1) Discounts were not applied to the orders in question. If so, these order DO NOT earn rewards.
2) Your order was placed after May 1, 2006. If not, the order is not qualified for the rewards program even if the order shipped after May 1st but was placed before May 1st.
3) The order was NOT returned for a partial or full credit. If it was it was earn rewards equal to the item value after the partial credit or all rewards would be voided if a full credit was issued.
4) If the item was won in a contest, then rewards are not earned on that item.
5) If the order was placed by phone or at a convention and begins with a P, it does not qualify for rewards points.

If any of your orders in question pass all of these requirements mentioned above, then we require for you to submit the information requested below to us ( – subject:Need Audit of my Rewards) so that we can further investigate the matter for you.

1) Order number(s) beginning with T
2) The date the order was placed
3) If the order was shipped, the ship date stated within your account.
4) If the order was shipped and received but the status has not changed to shipped, please indicate that the status in your online account still states ‘Processing.’

Please note that a Rewards Audit may take up to seven business days for investigation and adjustment of rewards if required.