When will my pre-order arrive?

Although customers are always welcome to call or e-mail, your pre-order item’s shipping information is available to you online. We notify customers about pre-order shipments in many different ways.

  1. We announce an Estimated Ship Date on the item’s page where you place your order. Customers are encouraged to bookmark this page and check here for shipping updates as the page will initially indicate a portion of the year, or quarter, that the item will be available to ship.The page will then update to display a specific month when the item leaves our manufacturing facilities on its way to our main warehouse.

    Definition of Quarters:
    First Quarter (1st Qtr.) – January, February, March
    Second Quarter (2nd Qtr.) – April, May, June
    Third Quarter (3rd Qtr.) – July, August, September
    Fourth Quarter (4th Qtr.) – October, November, December

  2. Sideshow Collectibles also updates our customers with pre-order items via our Estimated Item Arrival e-mail and our Processing Notification e-mail.
  3. Shipping updates are sent through our FREE e-newsletters.
  4. If you have an Online User Account, you can also track the status of your order in your order history section.
  5. When an item is shipped, U.S. and International (Non-eu) customers will receive an e-mail notice from FedEx or UPS with your tracking information. EU customers will receive tracking information from one of the services listed here.

As a reminder, customers are responsible track the arrival of their pre-ordered items through the avenues mentioned above. Sideshow Collectibles is not responsible for e-mail notifications that were not received due to outdated e-mail addresses, SPAM filtering, host service blocks or the customers’ inability to access their e-mails. Customers may also be responsible for additional fees due to outdated information on their orders.