Pre-order item page now says Sold Out

We allow some Limited Edition items to be Pre-ordered before they arrive into our warehouse. There are times where the complete edition size has been reserved prior to arriving. When this occurs, the item is listed as SOLD OUT and is accompanied with an anticipated shipping date.

Customers who placed a Pre-order just prior to the stock status changing to SOLD OUT should have received an order confirmation beginning with the Letter T. All T orders will be fulfilled to the best of our ability, as they were ordered within the limitations of the edition size.

Customers who placed their order for an item but were not able to submit it in time before the edition sold through will receive a confirmation number, both on screen and via e-mail, which begins with the letter W. Because some of our products sell out extremely quickly, several customers may be attempting to order the last available pieces in an edition size at the same time – in this scenario, a product may sell out in the midst of your check-out process. Placing the item in your cart unfortunately does not hold the item for you. You must physically submit your order before the edition sells out.

For more information about out wait lists click here.