How to redeem a Spooktacular Discount Or FREE Item Checkout Code!

If you would like to take advantage of many of our Spooky Specials during our Spooktacular Event, then you will need to enter your promo word into the Promo Word Box located at the top of the event homepage here, hit submit and then follow the directions and links displayed in the drop-down box.

If your promo word is a discount checkout code, the specific item and the expiration date of this offer will be revealed in the drop-down box that appeared after you submitted your promo word.

If your promo word is for a FREE item check out code, it is for a specific item and is only valid on a first come, first served basis to a set number of customers through our online store. **Customers will be responsible for all shipping costs (including import fees or VAT if applicable) on free items.

In order to redeem your discount -or- FREE item:

    1) You must click the link to that item’s ordering page being offered for FREE or at a discount, which is provided in the drop-down box that was displayed after the Code word submission
    2) Place item your cart and proceed to checkout.
    3) Once at checkout, you need select the Gift Cards & Coupons tab in the ‘Apply Discounts or Rewards’ area, enter your free item checkout code, and hit the ‘Add’ button.
    4) Submit your order.

Gift Card area

PLEASE NOTE: If receive a warning message when trying to redeem the discount offer that states ‘Coupon Invalid’ then the coupon may have expired, you may have entered it incorrectly, or you are trying to apply it to the incorrect item. Additionally, if you receive a ‘Checking Inventory’ , ‘Cannot be Found’ , ‘Wait List’ or ‘Sold Out’ message on the product page when trying to redeem a FREE item offer, then all units being offered have been claimed. If you receive these warnings after you’ve submitted your order for processing, then the last free item was redeemed while you were in the checkout process and no more pieces are available to fulfill your order.