How to redeem a shipping special or E-mail code!

If you would like to take advantage of our Spooky Specials during our Spooktacular Event, then you will need to enter your promo word into the Promo Word Box located here, hit submit and then follow the directions and links displayed in the yellow box.

If you you would like to redeem a shipping special or e-mail code then you will need to follow the directions below exactly and promptly or your code will not be valid for application to your order.

1) You need to send an e-mail to our Customer Service department IMMEDIATLEY after placing your order so that your request is received before your order is processed and shipped! Do not worry if our online system does not reflect the special at checkout as we will adjust your order in-house manually after receiving your e-mail request! Please note: If you delay in sending your request, you will become ineligible to apply that special to that order.

2) The e-mail must be sent to:

3) The Subject Header should be your shipping special code or e-mail code!
*If you don’t use the proper e-mail code you will not get the special!

4) The e-mail body should contain:

    1. Your first and last name
    2. Order # (begins with a T)
    3. Your special’s e-mail code (same as used in subject line!)
    4. Your phone number
    5. Along with the following terms and conditions that you are agreeing to:

If I am taking advantage of a free item special or contest, then I will be responsible for additional shipping charges for that item and any import fees or customs required.

I understand that this E-mail must be received BEFORE my in-stock item ships, which usually happens within 24 hours after placing the order. Specials can’t be added after the items ships out to me.

1 (one) discount/item per customer per order. Specials are not eligible on Pre-Orders or flexible payment plans (FLEXpay).

I can’t combine my special with other price/shipping discounts, gift cards, coupons, combination promotions, rewards, free items, contest prizes, etc. If I do the gift card/rewards savings redeemed will be forfeited.

Free shipping offers are on ground services for the carrier of Sideshow’s choice. If I have a carrier preference you will be responsible for the cost difference in services.

PLEASE NOTE: That it may take from 2 to 4 weeks to fullfill winners of Free item promotions!