All About QR Codes

How QR Codes work! The black and white boxes (see example on the right) that show up on can be deciphered with the aid of your smart phone, such as an iPhone or Android phone with a correct QR code reader app or, if you don’t own a smartphone, through a QR code reader found online HERE or HERE. Continue reading to find out where QR codes might be found and what to do with the information found within them.

How/where do I find QR Codes? QR codes are rotated throughout Sideshow Collectibles site during our online promotions. These codes could show up anywhere on, including product pages, news stories posted on our site, banners, and more! They may even appear on Sideshow Collectibles packaging. QR Codes are most often used during our Spooktacular event.

How do I find out what my QR code says? To find out what is contained within a QR code, simply us a QR Code Reader in association with your smart phone camera, such as an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.. The Reader will decipher what is in the code. If you do not have a phone that will read QR codes, simply use an online reader to decipher the QR code you’ve found right from your computer.

What should I do with the information I find within QR codes? QR codes can contain either a link, text, phone number or SMS. In most cases, the QR Codes you find on will contain a link or text. These links and text can be your ticket to a discount, FREE item giveaway, contest, or more! QR codes may also contain promo words that will help collectors to take advantage of limited time discounts, contests, and more! Here’s some examples of QR Code results you may find on

  • QR codes that lead to site links – If a QR code contains a link, those who have had the QR code deciphered with a QR reader will be automatically re-directed to the URL.
  • QR code contains a promo word – If the QR code you’ve discovered contains a promo word, simply plug that word into our promo word generator (which can be found in the event homepage during an online event) to get complete directions on what needs to be done with the word.
    • Promo word leads to E-mail code – This limited time offer will collectors to redeem a discount or receive a FREE item by following a few simple steps and emailing our customer service department.[Learn More]
    • Promo word leads to a checkout code – This limited time offer will allow collectors to apply a coupon code upon check out to a specific item being discounted. [Learn More]
    • Promo word leads to FREE item – This limited time offer will allow collectors to apply a coupon code upon check out to receive a FREE collectible(s). FREE items are valid only on a first come, first serve basis, while supplies last. [Learn More]
    • Promo word leads to a Gift Card code – Gift Cards codes given out through the promo word generator are available to be used on a first come, first served basis, and can be used on over 150 IN-STOCK products. [View Products]
    • Promo word leads to Scavenger Hunt Word – Spooktacular Scavenger hunt words are given out throughout our Spooktacular event for a chance to win a big prize(s) upon the close of the spooky online event.
    • Promo word leads to a contest – Some contests may require a word to be entered into a contest form in order to be eligible to win. Read the information presented in the promo word box and on the contest entry form.

Above and to the right is a sample QR code image. Due to the variety of monitors and user-controlled settings, some of you may find it difficult to see QR codes. If you’re having trouble getting your QR code reader app to decipher the code, we suggest adjusting your monitor or computer’s brightness, contrast and/or color balance until your reader unscrambles it.