All About Decoder Images

How Decoder Boxes work!
The colorful red / orange rectangle Decoder boxes that show up on during our yearly Spookcatular event can be deciphered with the aid of our decoder zombie mask. Continue reading to find out where decoder boxes are found, what to do with the information found in the boxes, and how you can get a decoder zombie mask.

How/where do I find Decoder Boxes?
Decoder boxes are rotated throughout Sideshow Collectibles site during our Spooktacular online event. These boxes to decode could show up anywhere on during our Spooktacular online event, including product pages, news stories posted on our site, banners, and more! When and where they pop up will remain a mystery until players at home discover them, so keep your eyes peeled throughout our spooky event to see if you’ll uncover one – and use your Spooktacular Decoder to reveal its mysteries!

What will I find in decoder boxes and what should I do?
Decoder boxes will either contain a phrase and link explaining the promotion, or they will contain special promo words that, once plugged into our Promo Word lookup (found at the top of our Spooktacular homepage during our Spooktacular event), will help you redeem a special discount offer by code at checkout, compete in a contest or grab a FREE collectible. For more information about Promo Words, click here.

Due to the variety of monitors and user-controlled settings, some of you may find it difficult to read the decoder images. If you’re having trouble reading the secret messages with your decoder, we suggest adjusting your monitor or computer’s brightness, contrast and/or color balance until you can read the message below with your decoder.

How do I get a Decoder?

Decoders can be acquired in one of three ways:
1) Purchase this year’s Spooktacular Readyness Kit. While supplies last, Sideshow Collectibles’ limited edition Spooktacular Readyness Kit will include one (1) decoder.

2) Mail in a self addressed and stamped 9×12 envelope, and we will return to you a FREE decoder, while supplies last! For complete details on how to receive this decoder,Click Here

3) Place an In-Stock order through, and while supplies last, we’ll be including them in all outgoing In-Stock and Pre-Order items that started shipping to collectors in October!