All About Spooky Banners!

How Spooky Banners work!
The tricky, eye-catching banners that will show up on during our yearly Spookcatular event can take the shape of anything they want: dancing pop stars, lumbering zombies, crazy pumpkins, decoder images, and more. If you see one, be sure to click on it before it can get away!

How/where do I find Spooky Banners?
Spooky Banners are rotated throughout the Sideshow Collectibles site during our Spooktacular online event. These banners could show up anywhere on during that time, including the Spooktacular homepage, product pages, news stories posted on our site, and more. When and where they pop up will remain a mystery until players at home discover them, so keep your eyes peeled throughout our spooky event to see if you’ll come across one!

What will I find when clicking on Spooky Banners and what should I do?
Banners will lead to product pages across our site. On those pages, the products may be discounted directly, which you will see reflected in the price, OR there will be a Decoder image, QR code, or Promo word that will contain more information about the special offer once entered into our Promo Word Lookup on our Spooktacular homepage!