Spooktacular Cast of Characters

We’ve got three main characters who will be helping deliver special surprises & Spooky Specials throughout our Spooktacular online event. Take a moment to review their bios below, and remember to check back with each of them daily for new discoveries in the form of discounts, promo words, secret links and more!

The Mistress of Spooktacular: She is back again to offer fortunes, discounts, fabulous prizes and more. You can try to beg for a freebie, but remember; she doesn’t like sniveling! And she’s also very sneaky. Check ALL her fortunes daily throughout the event for new surprises: SideshowCollectibles.com/mistress

Mort of The Dead: Our undead Spooktacular ringmaster, Mort of The Dead, will be introducing collectibles, new and old, in his brand new serial comic adventure. Plus, he may sneak in some extra special surprises, so bookmark his page & check daily (but watch out, he bites!): SideshowCollectibles/mort

Criswell Predicts: The Amazing and Mysterious Criswell has been brought back from the beyond for Spooktacular with new and even more mysterious prophecies. Will you be able to decipher his mystical words and find what you are looking for? He’ll be broadcasting his visions randomly each day throughout the event from our Spooktacular homepage.