Diminishing Discounts During Spooktacular

While it’s true that all specials during this yearly event are ‘Spooky’, some that we are calling Diminishing Discounts are even more so! What makes them different? The discount will be ‘diminishing’ over an un-published period of time!

So what does this mean for you? It means that if you see a discount you want, make sure to add it to your cart (and check out) RIGHT AWAY. Just because it’s in your cart doesn’t mean the current discount will still apply if you delay your checkout process. And you never know when the discount will either be diminished…or disappear altogether!

We strongly suggest making sure your Sideshow online account is completely up-to-date with your correct shipping and credit card info (including expiration date!) and staying logged-in throughout the event. That way if you see something at a price to-good-to-be-true you will be able to quickly check out before it’s too late!

Also, please keep in mind that you cannot combine discounts during Spooktacular. In other words, direct site discounts can’t be combined with Rewards, Gift Cards, E-coupons, Gift Certificates, etc. If you do attempt to combine, we will give you the higher discount of those redeemed, and the others will be forfeited. Please make sure you are choosing your items carefully and applying your discounts properly. That way you can spread them farther and get more out of them!