When is my card charged for Flex Pay?

Print out your schedule!
FLEXPAY customers are urged to print out the product ordering page containing the payment schedule on the day that they submit their order. FLEXPAY schedules posted online are rolling schedules and are subject to change monthly. Thus, the schedule that appears a few days/weeks/months after you place your order may not be your payment schedule.

Charging your card
Funds will be charged on your specified payment date or up to five business days afterward. The necessary funds should be made available by the payment dates of your schedule to avoid any overdrafts or declines of your account. Sideshow Collectibles will not be responsible for any overdraft or over limit fees assessed to the client’s account as a direct result of processing your pre-approved FlexPay payment. Please note excessive card declines at the time of processing may cause ineligibility for future FlexPay services or may result in account closure.

Any discounts applied to your order will reduce the amount of each payment in your schedule. Thus the amount of each payment may differ slightly from what was posted on site. Also shipping costs are not included in your payment plan but will be added prior to shipping. Please contact us if you require a ship quote prior to either placing an order or your final payment. International customers will be responsible to pay import fees, taxes and customs directly to the carrier prior to delivery.

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