Definition of account terms: New, processing, Items shipping soon, call to cancel,Reservation submitted, declined, completed, etc.

Your User Account has an area entitled Order History. In this location you will see your order number, the date it was placed as well as the Status of the order.

Order History Table

NEW means that the order is in our online store waiting to be transferred to our corporate system. This NEW status may continue to display over the weekend or holidays when the corporate office is closed. Please note that your order is valid, even though the NEW status maybe displayed.

ORDER PLACED (PROCESSING) means that your order has been logged into our corporate system. If the item is in stock, it will then be packed and prepped for shipping. When the order is labeled and scanned into the FedEx system, it is then given a tracking number, which is uploaded into your account. If the item has a Pre-order stock status and it is not due to arrive into our warehouse for a few months, then the PROCESSING status will remain until the item begins to process and charge to your card.

BACKORDERED means that the items on your order were in back order status when you placed your order. They therefore will not ship right away until the stock is replenished in the warehouse. This may take as little as 24 hours or up to a few months. You will need to refer to the product order page for an expected restock date.

DECLINED CARD will display if your form of payment is not valid or has declined. In the case where our system will not allow you to update your information online, you can contact our Customer Service Department by telephone for assistance. Customers in the U.S. should call 855-SIDESHOW and international customers should call (805) 214-2157. In most cases of a declined card, customers are sent a courtesy notification via e-mail as well as their order, within their account, being flagged with this warning.

CANCELED will display if you or our representatives have canceled your entire order. Your will be able to cancel your order online up to 72 hours before it arrives into our warehouse. If you have ordered an In Stock item and wish to cancel it click here for more information. Once a sold out, pre-ordered item is canceled it cannot be replaced.

ITEM(S) SHIPPING SOON, SHIPPING SOON/CONTACT TO CANCEL, SHIPPING SOON/ORDERS CANNOT BE UPDATED ONLINE. PLEASE CONTACT. will display if your pre-order is within 72 hours of shipping from our warehouse or when you place an order for in-stock merchandise. At this point, you will not be able to alter your information or cancel this order online and must contact our Customer Service Department by telephone for assistance. Customers in the U.S. should call 855- SIDESHOW and international customers should call (805) 214-2157.

SHIPPED (COMPLETED) will display in the Status Column once your order has left our warehouse and your Online User Account will display your product’s tracking information.

PARTIAL SHIPMENT will display in the Status Column if only a portion of your order was available to ship out to you. This would happen if you ordered a pre-order item / back ordered and an in stock item on the same order. A partial shipment will result in additional shipping charges not indicated on your order confirmation.

If you want to know when your specific pre-order item is due to ship, please consult the item’s web page for more information! You can also join our weekly e-newsletter, which features updated shipping information!

RESERVATION SUBMITTED will display when you have placed a request for a wait list reservation on a currently sold out product. This is not an indication that your request will be fulfilled but only that you have been added to our list. For more information about our Wait List reservation Program click here.

An order beginning with ‘T’, ‘TA’, ‘TB’, etc. means that is was generated from your online account, the letter ‘P’ means the order was placed over the phone with our Customer Service department. If the order begins with the letter ‘W’, then it is not an order but a reservation request to a specific waiting list. More information about that can be found here.