Can I be put on a waiting list for some of your older, sold out product?

We generally do not offer a Wait List Reservation option on older, sold out product. This Wait List Service relies on product becoming available from order cancellations prior to the item’s arrival in our warehouse, from card declines during processing, or from store order cancellations. Thus Reservation options are normally offered on newer products that are in pre-order status, have newly arrived or perhaps have pending orders in our system that have yet to be delivered.

We offer our Retail Network Service for customers looking to obtain older items. This service attempts to match your item request to stock currently held by one of our 700 wholesale clients. If a private store can fulfill your request, then they will contact you directly. Look for our Retail Network logo on all applicable older product pages. For more information about our Retail Network Service, click here.

We also suggest that you check Amazon or Ebay.