U.S. Estimated Shipping Cost Chart

U.S. Shipping cost is based on the weight of the item and its shipping carton. Our site refers to this as Estimated Shipping Weight, which can be found on each item’s web page in the SPECS or Specifications tab.

However, if the item is over sized, then its shipping cost will be based on dimensional weight. All oversized items are labeled with a warning box on their web page within the SPECS or Specifications tab. The item’s dimensional weight is also located in this area. Our check out page only displays shipping estimates based on Shipping weight. Therefore, you will need to compare the oversized item’s dimensional weight to the chart below to receive an accurate shipping estimate for your order. You can also contact Customer Service to verify the product’s dimensional weight.

If you need a final shipping quote before placing an in-stock order or in advance to your pre-order being processed, you can request a final ship cost here!

How long will it take for your item to arrive once it is shipped? [View the U.S. Delivery Schedule!]


Updated on 05/16/2008