J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man Collection Giveaway!

J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man Collection Giveaway!
  • Spider-Man
    Polystone Statue by Sideshow Collectibles
  • Gwen Stacy
    Gwen Stacy
    Polystone Statue by Sideshow Collectibles
  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane
    Polystone Statue by Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles is giving you a chance to snag the entire J.Scott Campbell Spider-Man Comiquette collection!  Enter today and you could win the Mary Jane Comiquette, Gwen Stacy Comiquette, and Spider-Man Comiquette!

Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Mary Lou, . from US, the winner of our J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man Giveaway!. We hope you enjoy your awesome prize!

Not a winner this time? Winners marked as 'pending' must claim their prizes. Keep checking this page and watch your email inboxes as we will pick new winners if prizes go unclaimed!

This Contest is Over

Sorry, this contest ended on Sunday, September 15th at 11:59pm PT.

Contest Details

Contest Start
Thursday, August 15th at 12:00am PT
Contest End
Sunday, September 15th at 11:59pm PT
Current Time
Tuesday, September 16th at 1:31pm PT
ONE (1) winner who enters before the cut-off time will walk away full set of J.Scott Campbell Spider-Man Comiquette collectibles, including Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy and Spider-Man!

The name of the winner will be posted here after the contest closes. The potential winner will be contacted by email with confirmation instructions, so watch your inbox!

Important Prize Shipping Information: Sideshow Collectibles' Mary Jane Comiquette, Gwen Stacy Comiquette, and Spider-Man Comiquette will not be shipped to the winner until they are received into Sideshow Collectibles' warehouse, which is estimated to be sometime in mid 2014!
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  • justin

    Please let me win

  • olivia hamilton

    Super cool! Thanks! <3

  • Kristen M Moore

    J. Scott Campbell is amazing! I hope hope hope I win! <3

  • robyn

    come on webby

  • Jesse Sutton

    oh my god this is my dream if i win i think ill cry rivers of happiness it’s the two things i love most J. Scott Campbell and Spiderman.

  • Jason

    would love this to start off my collection :)

  • Raye Cufley

    The hottest non-heroine redhead in comics would be a great way to start the collection off!

  • Fabian Pinto

    j.scott campbell’s work has been brought to life with these babies! must have them now !

  • Henning Franke

    Wow all three together! Mj is so beautiful! Really love her Pose alot! Spidey and Gwen are both stunning as well

  • Drfate777

    I love the idea of having all 3 of em on display with Spidey in the middle, that’s just too cool and J. Scott Cambell’s art design style to ice the cake. He’s gotta be one of the top 5 artists in all of comics for drawing sexy women.

  • Lyne Frappier

    Great eye candy! Thanks!

  • channekane

    Top artwork by J.Scott Campbell ! Pure sweet designed lines ! Very attractive vision of Spidey with his 2 life wives :)

  • Alicia Arsenault

    Love me some Spidey! *crossing fingers*

  • Brian

    Mary Jane would be very nice stand between my other sideshow figures. Hope I win her!!

  • jskurkis

    I want to win this one soo bad that I tried to enter twice!

  • Bismarck

    I want these so much! Spidey is my favourite, and both Gwen and MJ look awesome as well! All three together would look amazing!

  • dcrules

    Would love to win but will have the set anyway…..but still like to win

  • Christophe Braem

    AMAZING contest. Not only is Spider-Man my favorite superhero, since he got me into comics in the first place, I’m also a HUGE fan of J. Scott Campbell. Been trying to get him at a Belgium convention so I could finally meet him in person. Spider-Man, J. Scott Campbell, 3 statues = EPIC CONTEST!!!

  • Logan Henderson

    Gwen stacy looks amazing and I’m glad they brought her character to life in the movie if I win this will be prized statue and no dust would ever touch it……….does anyone know anybody that’s won outside of USA just wondering

  • Kevin Paul Kennedy

    This is truely cool, as many many things you folks make are. I’d love it, but whoever does win I hope’s a die hard Spidey fan. I love him a lot, but I won’t be broken hearted about not winning, as long as whoever does treasures their win :) Have fun entering folks! :D

  • Carl

    This would be a dream win for any hardcore collector! Good luck everyone!

  • Dale Frewaldt

    Ends on my birthday. That’s a good omen.

  • agbchief


  • Gabe

    want THIS soooo bad!

  • Levi Billy

    Please give me a chance! I want to win so bad. Good luck everybody.

  • Ryan Maurer

    I have the two ladies on pre-order but sure wouldn’t mind getting them for free.

  • Andrew R

    Crossing my fingers. Let it be me please!

  • Robert Tadlanek

    cross fingers

  • rayminded

    the two ladies look so dreamy..

  • MrBinse

    Luv it…

  • Preeti Khan

    OMG! This would make a great chrissy pressie for one of my mates!

  • Eric Marr

    This is one of those contest I hope I would win for once.

  • Carl Young

    Does anyone from the UK ever win?

  • Sam

    It would be awesome to win these sideshow collectibles.. if I do I’ll start my collection from there

  • MrWicket

    great contest!

  • Tom Hunt

    J. Scott Campbell’s art is friggin’ sweet! Now a chance to win his statue line—- ugh yeah!!! I’d be psyched to win!!!

  • Dan

    man this would be so awesome i frickin love J.Scott’s style! crossing my fingers

  • R.a. Rayne

    Saw them at Comic Con… They are amazing

  • Muhammad Shahrulizan Juli

    It will be the ultimate spectacular birthday present if i win!!!Gd luck”

  • Callum James Smith

    You have LITERALLY no idea how much I want to win this! But as @kevinpaulkennedy:disqus said, I really hope this prize goes to a TRUE fan and not someone who just enters competitions for free stuff! Aww man this stuff is just TOO COOL! May we all Thank Ditko and Lee for creating the most original Super-Hero EVER!

  • jabes

    Thanks for having this contest!

  • Desiree Moore

    My husband and I had the awesome opportunity to go to San Diego Comic Con in 2012 and we met Scott Campbell and bought his Women of Spider Man prints. When we saw these figures, we wanted them SO BAD. They cost so much and I’ve been contemplating how to get him the Mary Jane bust at least. I hope I win these for him so or I at least hope that some other person who would dance around the living room when they hear they win will get them!

  • Anthony Moreno

    Nice contest?

  • Dale Voges

    J.Scott Campbell is one of my all time favorite artists! To own not 1 but 3 of his work based sculptures would be an absolute dream!

  • PtigrouX

    Thanks you Sideshow for the contest.
    The entire J.Scott Campbell Spider-Man Comiquette collection is really fantastic :)

  • http://anonofholland.wordpress.com/ Anon of Holland

    Oh man, I love J. Scott Campbell so I really hope this time I might win.
    Fingers crossed!

  • Doremil Mariela Sánchez Peña

    Awesome, i wanna win

  • Super Laundry Bag

    Anything from Sideshow Collectibles is an amazing work of art!!! So would love to add these Spidey statues to my Spider-man collection… specially the Gwen Stacey!!! ~Super Laundry Bag (Super hero For The Arts) :)

  • http://fabian-art.blogspot.com/ Fabian!

    I need them, at least Mary Jane!! :D

  • Justin J. Petersen

    Sweet contest! Amazing prizes for the lucky winner.

  • whitedemo

    love it

  • T. Davies

    How about a long-time costumer from The Netherlands and a true Spidey fan ey? ;-)

  • Tiago Feltes Dias

    I hope I win! You’re gonna have a Portuguese winner! That would be a first, right?

    I hope I can make my friends jealous and maybe they would buy some! :D

  • Nico Conti

    I cannot wait till they announce winners. Tis would truly be the highlight of my tough year.