Look out Cap, for the ruthless Red Skull!

“Wherever there was injustice, tyranny, ruthlessness, the Red Skull was there leading the attack on the weak and helpless!”

Though first established in 1939, there wasn’t a true superhero in Marvel Comics until World War II began. As a response to war propaganda, editor Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, and script-writer Ed Herron introduced their very first official superhero with the patriotic Captain America, a definitive symbol of bravery, freedom and justice.

“We are deadly opposites you and I…”

As every fan knows, heroes can only be as great as their villains – and so enter Red Skull. The embodiment of evil, fear, and horror, Marvel Comics created the ultimate super-villain and antithesis of Captain America. Though Captain America Comics #1 was meant to be Red Skull’s first and last appearance, he’s been Cap’s archnemesis ever since, battling our hero throughout World War II and beyond!

Presenting the Red Skull – Allied Charge on Hydra!

“Curse you, Rogers!”

Marvel’s first and most enduring supervillain rises up against freedom, liberty and above all, his sworn enemy, Captain America, with the Sideshow Collectibles Red Skull – Allied Charge on Hydra Premium Format™ Figure.

Braced for battle on a World War II era cobblestone base, the ruthless Red Skull plots his course of destruction, eager to crush all those who oppose or stand in his way.

The nefarious leader of the Hydra terrorist organization proudly bears his evil insignia in hand-tailored German style military fatigues and a full length trenchcoat, ready to shoot from the hip at any moment. Thwarted for the last time, Herr Schmidt confronts his rival with a menacing grin, the true face of evil incarnate.

His Mauser drawn and ready, the murderous mastermind confronts his opponent with a menacing grin or – with the Sideshow Exclusive additional swap-out portrait, a cold-blooded scowling version of his classic visage (below).

A tribute to the timeless villain, the Red Skull – Allied Charge on Hydra Premium Format™ Figure is an outstanding addition to any Marvel collection, and displayed with the companion Captain America piece, completes the ultimate face-off!