Get your first look at the new Hulk Premium Format Figure collection

Sideshow celebrates the many looks of the Hulk with an all-new collection.

Starting with the Red Hulk Premium Format™ Figure premiering on March 27th, soon to follow will be The Incredible Hulk in his classic green and purple shorts, and the Gray Hulk, inspired by the original look for Bruce Banner’s alterego.

Because let’s face it, we can never have too much of the Hulk… and we like him even when he’s angry.

  • Damien

    Going GREEN for sure. Just hope the pricepoint isn’t higher than Gladiator Hulk because then I will be kicking myself for skipping that one!

  • colinb

    Those three Hulks look absolutely amazing!!!
    My family may have to starve for a while lol!

  • Danny Wilson


  • deeblock116

    OMG! I need them all SS…I hate to sound greedy but….What are the odds of a Doc Samson PF?

  • deeblock116

    OMG! Awesome as always SS. I need them all for my growing gamma collection. .right beside my Hulk maquette, she-hulk PF & skaar PF ..also what are the odds of a Doc Samson PF in the near future?

  • Nelson

    Thanks a lot SS!!! Now I have to cancel some other pre-orders, cause I didn’t see this one coming!!!! These 3 are a must have, my wife’s gonna yell at me and my kids can’t go to disney now. I wish you guys would give us at least a few months heads up…..anyway keep up the excellent work…… U guys kick a– !

  • Jeff Lopez

    Iam not liking the face on the gray one looks like a Cro – Magnon

  • JVerve

    Wow!! Those are incredible!

  • Pierre Delhaye

    We need the all gamma family in PF, including the ones that are not sold anymore ! You should do something like a second edition for the figures that are not available anymore !