She-Devil with a Sword, Red Sonja!

“Men are easily distracted…

…most of them never even notice my SWORD until their heads roll off their necks.”

Introducing the fiery warrior of Hyrkania, Sideshow is proud to present the Red Sonja – VICTORIOUS! Premium Format™ Figure.

40 Years of Red Sonja!

Drawing inspiration from the work of fantasy novelist Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan the Barbarian and the mythical Hyborean Age, Red Sonja made her first appearance in Marvel’s “Conan the Barbarian #23” in 1973. Ever since, the She-Devil with a Sword has hack-and-slashed her way into our hearts, with leading roles in comic books, movies and beyond.

Unleash the Fury

The Red Sonja – VICTORIOUS Premium Format™ Figure depicts the unparalleled sword-master in a frigid land, standing atop the helmet of a recently defeated opponent. Foregoing heavy, restrictive armor, the fearless combatant wears her iconic scale mail bikini, and a sumptuous hand-tailored fabric cape with faux-fur collar. The only weapon sharper than her tongue is her blood-drenched sword, which she holds at one side, and with the other she raises the unworthy foe’s blade above her head in triumph.

Sideshow Exclusive Edition

With the addition of the Sideshow Exclusive swap out accessory (shown below), Sonja’s opponent is no mere mortal – instead the chosen favorite of the goddess Scathach has challenged and defeated a formidable frost giant, and flaunts his severed head as her trophy.

The regular and Exclusive versions of the Red Sonja – VICTORIOUS! Premium Format™ Figure will each be priced at $379.99, with payment plans available for as low as $68.40/month.

Though it has been proven time and again that no man can ever truly own this sword and sorcery heroine, the Red Sonja – VICTORIOUS! Premium Format™ Figure is available now from Sideshow Collectibles.