Coming Soon to Sideshow Collectibles

Arkham Announcement!

Arkham Asylum and Arkham City Collectibles coming to Sideshow Collectibles soon!

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  • Alice Sisilia Melo

    :D Wow Every Announcements just keeps getting better.

  • 3dstuffin


  • Andy Lineberry

    FINALLY! Thank you Sideshow for stepping up!

  • Michael Gloch

    Muahahahaha! Better than Christmas!

  • Somchai Intharakamjorn

    I need Bane.

  • Ransom Roberson


  • Anthony Hansen

    A premium format in armor would be B.A. , just think of all the characters and accessories ….. Bane, Scarecrow, Ivy, Joker, Mr. Freeze, Dr. Strange…..

  • JordanH

    I’m intrigued!

  • rooroo999

    Hopefully we’ll get that Joker that Hot Toys teased last January.

  • AC

    This is what I’ve been waiting for!! Do the sixth scale Batman, Harley, and Catwoman…heck i’m picking up all of them!

  • Jim617


  • Jack Napier

    Wonderfull! And now only one License left: BATMAN RETURNS! :D

  • Mike Martin

    We need a premium format for this Batman.

    • Edgar Arvizu

      Yes yes give us batman

  • Knightly Crusade

    The 1/6th scale is finally coming?

  • Scott Reed

    So excited. An Arkham City Batman 1/6th scale figure would be so awesome next to my Man of Steel Superman, or it will be awesome until we get the Ben Affleck Batman figure.

  • Bailey Strachan

    I hope they do a robin premium format or 1/6th figure. I haven’t seen a robin statue yet

  • Knightly Crusade

    Here’s hoping there’s an Armored Asylum figure.

  • Sean

    oh please have death stroke

  • Eddspawn

    They need to do starkiller and Juno eclipse

  • TuxedoBird

    We need Ivy!! All the ladies-Harley and Catwoman as well!! :D There is definitely not enough Poison Ivy out there for Arkham City or Arkham Asylum!! I’d buy all three :D

  • Joe Steiger


  • Locote Medellin

    Sixth Scale Batman Beyond PLS!!!!!!!

  • Edgar Arvizu

    Please give us a batman joker and ivy premium format

  • Ron Hancock

    My vote is for 1/6th scale Batman, Ra’s, Talia, Killer Croc, Deathstroke, Robin, Harley and Joker for starters! (there goes all my money if they do)

    • Jack ford

      Don’t Forget Mr.Freeze

  • unorthodoxJ .

    Been waiting for this forever.

    Here’s hoping to see a nice Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn & Arkham City Riddler

  • Edgar Arvizu

    Count me in, I’ll take both

  • Barton

    Arkham City Catwoman!!!!

  • Jack ford

    Please Make Mr.Freeze. The suit looks so cool!!!