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Captain Rex  Sixth Scale Figure

Captain Rex Sixth Scale Figure

A Star Wars Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

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Captain Rex – Phase II Armor Sixth Scale Figure

Sideshow Collectibles’ Captain Rex – Phase II Armor Sixth Scale Figure shows off the honorable and distinguished commanding officer during the Clone Wars in his distinctive armor and weapons.  This Star Wars favorite and clone captain will be available for Pre-Order on Thursday, February 20 2014.

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  • Jeremy S.

    That’s pretty great! Excited to see it’s 1/6 scale, too! Can’t wait to see more of what it comes with, etc.

  • Dan Del

    Yes!!!!!! I am super excited Sideshow will finally release Captain Rex in his phase 2 armor!! Hopefully you offer a limited edition as well!

  • Xavier Sosa

    That is awesome

  • elaviadorsr71x

    A nice figure, awesome !!!!!!

  • Brandon Jackson

    I’m so stoked about the new re-release and fully upgraded version of Captain Rex. Sideshow Rules on so many levels. My first born child will be named Sideshowman! Well if my wife lets me lol

  • W Snipes

    Really liking the look of Rex in the Phase II armor.

  • Noah Easter

    oh man I need

  • Matthew Borchers

    Another clone? Ugh! I’ll take it but I really would like you to finish Mara Jade already.

  • ANB000

    Oh snap. S*&^ got real!

  • OB1Knobby

    Well, I hope you can get the top of his helmet straightened out before he gets here, lol j/k. Seriously though…I’M SO PUMPED!!! It seemed like he would just be rumors forever. My Jedi General/Clone Commander(er, Captain) collection can finally be complete!

  • Lady Aayla

    Once I’ve saved up enough money… This is my next armored costume! I already have phase I Rex completed :)

  • Joe

    Thank you sideshow…. Thank you so much

  • Lea Nightsister Fett


  • Portaler

    Oh yeah !! I think this might be the one to get for my son. Am sure he’ll look back at his time growing up with the Clone Wars and Episode 1,2,3 and thanks me for this one !

  • Portaler

    If I win, it’ll be an even sweeter memory !!

  • Tommy Lifesize Actionfigure

    What the what?! I am captain Rex and I actually wear this armor in real life! This is just too cool!!!!