Darth Vader Legendary Scale Figure

Coming Soon to Sideshow Collectibles

Darth Vader Legendary Scale Figure

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Star War’s fans favorite Sith Lord will be getting the Legendary Scale Figure treatment!  Darth Vader is the next iconic character to join the Legendary Scale Figure collection.  Pre-Orders for this fan favorite villain begin soon!

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  • Forgiven Sith

    Well I can see the bank balance taking another hit :) Hopefully Vader will have a light up light sabre, chest plate & belt.

  • Troy Duncan

    Sweet. When’s the pre-order date?

  • Joey OBrien

    I’m now living in a maytag box with garbage bags lining the outside and inside and wash my 2 shirts and one pair of pants in a lake down the street, but I have the coolest Sideshow collection ever!!! Thank you sideshow. By the way can I trade in my points for a blanket and a hamburger?

  • Sage Helmlinger

    This is amazing, a dream come true. I have the Darth Maul, I am ordering the Obi Wan and this will easily come next. I am dedicating myself to buying every Star Wars LSF that ever comes out. Half scale figures are without a doubt my favorite and it seems that they just keep getting better and better.